Registering for the Enrolled Agent Exam

STEP 1. Obtain a PTIN number from the IRS.   You probably already have a PTIN, but if not, you must obtain one. Request a PTIN online at Click on Tax Professionals, then on the link for e-services.  Once you have registered, follow the online instructions to have a PTIN assigned.  You can also mail in form W-7P to obtain a PTIN number.  Here is a link to our video that shows the process of obtaining a PTIN. 
STEP 2.  Register for your Test with Prometric. Go to  You will be asked to provide your PTIN number.  They will assign you a candidate number.  It will be the same as your PTIN.
STEP 3. Purchase a course and study for the exam.  The Phoenix Tax Group offers study courses for all three parts of the SEE.  Click HERE to see our Enrolled Agent Study Materials
STEP 4. Schedule your test with Prometric.  Again, go to You will be asked to provide the candidate number that Thompson Prometric assigned to you when you registered for your test in step 2.
STEP 5.  Apply for enrollment.  After you pass all three tests, apply for enrollment with the IRS using IRS Form 23.  
Please watch our video that demonstrates STEP 2.  Register for your Test with Prometric
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